Accounting Workshops

Becoming More Proficient with ConnectNow Accounting • Parish / Diocese • Level 2
Joe Slomiany, ParishSOFT

Now that you know how to work in ConnectNow Accounting, this class will teach you how to be more efficient with your software. You will learn how to save time on data entry, research, and reporting. During part of the session there will be an opportunity for open questions and answers. This is sure to be an information-packed session for all ConnectNow Ledger & Payables and Payroll users.

Shared Accounting Services: Sharing Our Time, Talents and Treasure to Improve the Financial Health of Parishes • Diocese • Level 2
Jack Husack, Archdiocese of Atlanta

Learn how the Archdiocese of Atlanta has implemented its version of Parish Accounting Services. Learn what services are provided, which processes are used, and how shared accounting services has grown to 40 locations in five years.

How to Prepare for an Accounting Review or Audit • Parish • Level 2
Tiffany Martin, Diocese of Salt Lake City

A church audit is a process that provides reasonable assurance that good stewardship is being used in handling and accounting for the funds and other assets of your organization. Find out what documents you need and what is involved in an parish audit.

Understanding Permissions in ConnectNow Accounting • Parish / Diocese • Level 2
Joe Slomiany, ParishSOFT

Would you like to have a better understanding of how permission levels can be set up in ConnectNow Accounting? Did you know that ConnectNow Accounting users can have limited access and data processing capabilities to specific areas and features in the system and that entity-level permissions are also available? This workshop will walk you through the different types of logins and how the permissions work with each of them. Learn the purposes behind different types of permissions and see examples that will help you determine how you should set up these for your organization.

Ledger Report Writer Overview: Getting the Custom Statements Your Parish or School Needs • Parish / Diocese • Level 3
Chris Mann, ParishSOFT

Get the data you want in the format you want. Learn how the Ledger Report Writer lets you create custom consolidated or organization-level statements of activity and financial position from your general ledger. Use those statements to produce flexible reports that deliver real-time, accurate financial data for any given organization or your entire diocese at any time, for any period, directly from your chart of accounts. See some example reports that may help you.

Tracking Your Assets in Fixed Asset Management • Parish • Level 2
Chris Mann, ParishSOFT

Tracking assets is an important concern of every organization, regardless of size. Without an accurate method of keeping track of these assets, it would be very easy for an organization to lose control of them. The ConnectNow Accounting Fixed Asset module allows organizations to track what assets they own, where each is located, who has what, warranties, insurance, maintenance schedules, and the cost and depreciation of each asset. Nonprofit organizations are not required to use depreciation, and, even though the Fixed Asset module has a straight-line depreciation process, the organization can choose to not use the depreciation and just use the software to maintain information about assets they own. This workshop will show you how helpful this module can be in keeping track of all your assets.

How to Balance Your Bank Reconciliation • Parish • Level 2
Tiffany Martin, Diocese of Salt Lake City

Ever struggle reconciling a bank account? The tips and tricks included in this class will help you find problems quickly and reconcile your bank account in record time! See where to go from an out of balance situation in your Bank Reconciliation.

Best Practices in Building Budgets • Parish • Level 1
Denise Hanson & Joe Slomiany, ParishSOFT

Creating an annual budget can often be a confusing task that no one wants to tackle. Come and hear about best practices for building an effective budget. Learn how to enter a budget into ConnectNow Ledger & Payables and how to use reports to compare actual totals to your budget amounts throughout the year. This session also includes an overview of the budget import process.

ConnectNow Accounting: Diocesan Administrator Tricks of the Trade • Diocese • Level 2
David Morland, ParishSOFT

Use your awesome diocesan administrator powers to reopen bank reconciliations and prior periods, create groups of organizations allowing users to use a single sign-on, import dozens of transactions in the blink of an eye, and much more to help staff and volunteers at your organizations.

ConnectNow Accounting: What's New, What's Coming • Parish / Diocese • Level 1
Karen Kasenow-Johnson, ParishSOFT & Chris Mann, ParishSOFT

In the past year, we've added many great new features to the ConnectNow Accounting suite. In this session, we'll walk through the new enhancements so you can be sure you're getting the maximum productivity from all of the ConnectNow Accounting modules. You'll also see a preview of our roadmap for what is coming next for this product.

Diocesan Administrators Collaborative Session for Accounting • Diocese • Level 0
Joe Slomiany, ParishSOFT & Karen Kasenow-Johnson, ParishSOFT

The objective of this workshop is to meet with accounting diocesan administrators to discuss challenges and successes of your diocese. We will discuss the standardization of working with parishes and collaborate with each other. If you are a diocesan administrator responsible for implementing and/or managing the ParishSOFT accounting applications throughout your diocese, this is a workshop you should not miss.

The Accounts Receivable Module: Is It Right for Your Organization? • Parish • Level 1
Joe Slomiany, ParishSOFT

Through a demonstration of the ConnectNow Accounts Receivable software, see how parishes and schools can easily integrate invoices, payments, credits, and reports for common church receivables. This class will focus on the core functionality of the Accounts Receivable module and show how it is fully integrated with the general ledger in your Ledger & Payables program. At the end of this class you will be able to determine if the accounts receivable module is right for your organization.

Banking Controls with Positive Pay and Bill Pay • Parish • Level 2
Chris Mann, ParishSOFT

Internal controls are becoming increasingly necessary to protect your organization’s finances. Positive Pay and Bill Pay are two ways to implement some new practices. Secondary authorizations of check payments, limited check stock and bank verification of items presented are just a few of the ways these programs can work for you. We will discuss how to use ConnectNow Accounting’s easy integrated processes with these programs at your local bank to protect your organization’s finances.

All about Credit Cards in ConnectNow Accounting • Parish • Level 1
David Morland, ParishSOFT

Paying with plastic: It’s all fun and games until that bill comes in! If your organization is using or considering credit cards, ConnectNow Accounting is able to designate credit card accounts, mange entered transactions, and provide a reconciliation feature to ensure everything on your statement is in your system. (Note: ConnectNow Accounting does not process credit card transactions.)

Projects: Organize and Group for Effective Reporting • Parish • Level 2
Denise Hanson, Diocese of Sioux Falls

Using projects effectively requires forethought. Come check out the way you can set up projects and project groups to organize and report efficiently to departments, finance councils, and pastors. For those who have created a "project" monster by having a project for "everything," discussion will be held on how to organize by using project groups to your advantage.

ConnectNow Accounting: Reporting on the Facts • Parish / Diocese • Level 2
David Morland, ParishSOFT

So many reports--which one do I need? The Reports screen can be potentially difficult to navigate, but never fear; we can find the data you’re looking for. Learn about the different reports offered for various situations, the sorting and filtering, as well as how to memorize and recall information for future needs.

Increase Efficiencies by Importing with ConnectNow Accounting • Parish • Level 3
Chris Mann, ParishSOFT

Manually entering all your transactions can be time-consuming. Importing Journal Entries, Deposits, and even Payroll entries can reduce your day to day responsibilities as well as help with consistency. We will demonstrate the process you’ll need to know to easily produce single or multiple transactions in just a few clicks.

The Coming Earthquake in Accounting Rules! • Level 2
James Jordan, CPA, CFE, CGMA

Everything we knew about church financial statements and accounting is about to nearly completely change (FASB ASU, April 22, 2015). The new rules take effect in less than one year, 2017, but for comparative statements to be valid, we will be required to retroactively restate our revenue back to 2016 using the new rules. This session is an update of the latest information that affects churches and their related activities for financial reporting purposes.