Diocesan Focused

Diocesan Development Manager Best Practices
Diocese | Level 2
JD Biskner, ParishSOFT

Diocesan Development Manager (DDM) is well tuned to efficiently and accurately process the high volumes of pledges and payments associated with diocesan fundraising efforts. Learn best practices and ways to optimize your processes to work in concert with DDM. We will explore common practices for data processing within DDM, including using DDM to correct pledges or payments when errors occur, and donor initiated changes. Learn ways to utilize the many system reports in your day-to-day work. 


ConnectNow Family Merge for Dioceses
Diocese | Level 2
Bob Dickinson, ParishSOFT

Duplicate records can be overwhelming and often present challenges as you try to put your data to work for you. Attendees of this workshop will be introduced to the new ConnectNow Family Merge tool. We will highlight the primary features of the tool and provide guidance on best practices for managing family duplicates throughout the ConnectNow system using this tool. The attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions and understand the process and logic used to merge family records together successfully. The goal is to empower you with the information needed to create a more accurate data set, enabling you to make better strategic decisions.


Diocesan Open Forum
Diocese | Level 0
Roni Argetsinger, Diocese of Des Moines

Join this facilitated workshop in an open discussion format that focuses on supporting our ever-changing technology environment.  As our parish and diocesan staff become increasingly interested in utilizing newer technology, such as web based tools to work from anywhere, mobile sites, online donations, social media, etc., what technologies should we be paying attention to and how are we preparing to embrace it within our dioceses?  We will have an open conversation about how the ParishSOFT programs can help support us in our work to support our “customers”.


Diocesan Software Roadmap
Diocese | Level 0
JD Biskner, ParishSOFT

ParishSOFT plans to introduce new features and enhancements to the diocesan software. Join us to preview new items coming in future releases.


Diocesan Development: Critical End of Year Processes
Diocese | Level 2
Elaine Tank, ParishSOFT

This class is designed to help both new and veteran users of ConnectNow Diocesan Development Manager (DDM) learn the most efficient ways to accomplish year-end tasks at the diocese, including: how to audit contribution data before producing donor contribution statements, effective use of the Donor Reports filters, and how to customize contribution statements


Advanced Understanding of Diocesan Intelligent Query (IQ)
Diocese | Level 2
Troy Hayes, ParishSOFT

Have you ever run a query from our IQ program and gotten results that didn’t match your other reports? Or have you ever run a query and received completely different results than what something else in the system is reflecting? This is understandably a perplexing and distressing situation to be in. This class is designed to give you a better understanding of how IQ works and explain some of the reasons you would see different results in your queries. The time will be split between informational training and questions and answers.


Evangelizing to Active and Unregistered Families using GIS
Diocese | Level 1
Carla Haiar, Diocese of Sioux Falls

ESRI, is a robust geographic information mapping software that is very affordable for non-profits.  Addresses are geocoded (assign a latitude and longitude value to each address in a table ) and plotted on a map of your diocese.  Each pin point can be selected to view details.  You can also add a geographic layer of Parish Boundaries.  Selecting a boundary, you can export records plotted in the area and share as families that should be contacted and invited to register at the parish.


Diocesan Session with Ministry Brand Leadership
Diocese | Level 2
Ministry Brands

Ministry Brands – parent company of ParishSOFT – will discuss important topics with our diocesan administrators.