Taking Forms to the Next Level: How to Build Great Online Forms for Your Parish • Parish • Level 0
Rebekah Young, ParishSOFT

Have you ever found yourself buried in paper forms? Have you watched staff spend countless hours manually digitizing form data? Or worse, have you wished you had that pile of forms but no one found the papers or took the time to fill them out? If you’re interested in rethinking how you create and use forms at your parish, join us for this session on online form building. We’ll talk about what a web-form is and show you how and where you can use it at your parish. You’ll see a brief demonstration of Wufoo—our favorite form builder—and we’ll share tips on how to take your forms from mediocre to terrific!

Parish Stewardship: Contribution Statements Aren't Just for End-of-Year • Parish • Level 1
Elaine Tank, ParishSOFT

ConnectNow Contribution Statements can be a powerful tool in parish stewardship. We’ll explore ways to utilize contribution statements throughout the year as an effective stewardship and communication tool.

Communicate Smart: Rethinking Church Communications with Smart Technology • Parish • Level 0
Rebekah Young, ParishSOFT

Technology and communication tools are ever changing—the methods and strategies that worked well 20 years ago, 10 years ago, or even 10 months ago don’t do the trick today. In fact, getting your message across to parishioners is a lot like trying to hit a moving target. If you’re at a loss and wondering why you haven’t been able to communicate well with parishioners, then this class is for you. We’ll talk about using “smart” technology and “smart” strategies to rethink church communications. You’ll learn about how to effectively reach your parishioners through choosing the right communication channels (ex: email, Facebook, blog, etc.) for each audience and message, providing valuable content, customizing communications, and developing a content calendar to help you plan ahead.

Hospitality: Welcoming Teams and Mentors for New Parishioners • Parish • Level 0
Lisa Sliker, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Archdiocese of Baltimore

Hospitality in the setting of the Mass and in the whole life of the parish is an effective means of evangelization and fellowship. Did you know that a visitor to your parish will make the decision if they would like to make your parish their spiritual home in the first 3-5 minutes of entering the church? And that is before they even have the chance to hear from the priest! Does your parish have a new parishioner welcome and engagement program or a ministry of hospitality? In this workshop, we will explore how these ministries invite people into a deeper relationship with the Lord and each other and how to make them a part of your parish.

Parish Administration: Moving a Parish from Chaos to Calm • Parish • Level 0
Lisa Sliker, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Archdiocese of Baltimore

A vibrant, fruit bearing parish, requires a healthy root system anchored in worship of the Lord and care for His Bride, the Church. Often we assess the health of a parish based upon the Sunday experience, the Homily, the music and the religious education program. Yes, these worthy traits contribute to an amazing parish, but let us not overlook the value of strong parish administration and a leadership team. How can strong administration and leadership help move your parish to a place of stability where the pastor can more freely focus on pastoral needs of his parishioners? Join Lisa Sliker in this workshop where she shares experiences from some of the most important initiatives which helped contribute to spiritual strength and financial stability at Our Lady of Perpetual Help. You will leave this workshop with encouragement to pursue at least three opportunities for change in your parish and an open door to help make it happen.

Digital Signage on a Shoestring Budget for Your Parish or School • Parish • Level 0
Dawn Wolf, Diocese of Sioux Falls

Do you want to share content that is visually appealing and captivating with your school or parish? Consider giving your message a 21st century look with interior digital signage. This workshop will discuss what one parish and a volunteer did to build their own digital signage with beautiful video, pictures, and information that is easy to update and change. Sounds expensive, right? It doesn't have to be!

Making Great Choices: Lessons from Our Spiritual Tradition • Parish / Diocese • Level 0
Chris Lowney

Modern life is increasingly filled with personal and professional decisions: career and relationship choices; investment, lifestyle, and purchasing choices; and so on. This practical workshop will show how our Christian spiritual tradition gives us tools that can make us better decision makers.

Catholic Evangelization: What It Is and What It Is Not! • Parish / Diocese • Level 0
Deacon Alex Jones

Since Vatican II, the Catholic Church has fostered a deep commitment to evangelizing modern culture and society. In many areas, this commitment has borne much fruit in the many new apostolates and ministries that have significantly increased church membership and influenced/transformed local communities. However, many Catholics are still in the dark about what their commitment should be in the Church’s call to evangelization. In this workshop, we will look into inadequate approaches to evangelization, at least for Catholics, and the many incomplete tactics Catholics use in their efforts to fulfill the Church’s call to evangelization. We will look into Church documents, evangelization techniques that work, and practical ways to share faith in an increasingly secular society.

Establishing Successful Parish User Group Meetings • Parish / Diocese • Level 0
Roni Argetsinger, Diocese of Des Moines

An essential tool in achieving success around the investment of your ParishSOFT program is collaboration. The Diocese of Des Moines has been hosting ParishSOFT User Group meetings for more than ten years. These user group meetings have evolved over the years, yet continue to be in high demand, and are always very well attended. The diocese will share with you their success stories using ParishSOFT within all of their parishes and chancery office and how user group meetings contribute to that success. You will take away ideas on agenda topics, marketing methods, communication tools, and proven benefits.

Ask an Executive: Open Forum for Parishes • Parish • Level 0
Tim Sember, ParishSOFT & Mike Cusick, ParishSOFT

Join the ParishSOFT executive team for an open forum to discuss your most pressing questions. If you've wondered what ParishSOFT's vision looks like for product development going forward, what role you play in determining product direction, how ParishSOFT's internal changes will affect your parishes, this is your opportunity to get answers. Questions can be submitted prior to the conference as well as asked at the workshop.