Hands-on Training

ConnectNow Offering: Contributions - Beyond the Basics • Parish • Level 2
Deb Collins, ParishSOFT

If you know the basics of working with Contributions, but you’d like to learn more, in this hands-on training class you’ll enhance your knowledge of the ConnectNow Offering module, exploring ways to make your contribution management process more efficient and effective.

ConnectNow Family Suite: Communication Tools for Ministry • Parish • Level 1
Eva Heininger, ParishSOFT

This intermediate ConnectNow Family Suite class will walk you through the workflows that will help you communicate effectively with your members. This class will look at using workgroups, emailing, and mail merging from different modules within the Family Suite.

ConnectNow Administrative Settings: Behind the Scenes • Parish • Level 2
Deb Collins, ParishSOFT

If you’d like to look “behind the curtain” to see how administrative settings can make a difference in your day-to-day use of ConnectNow, this hands-on workshop will give you a chance to try some of the features that are not covered in our basic training classes.

ConnectNow Religious Education: Before the School Year • Parish • Level 1
Deb Collins, ParishSOFT

How can the Religious Education module work more effectively for you as you prepare for your next school year? Find out in this hands-on training class, where you will learn to enhance the best practices in ConnectNow Religious Education that will leverage the power of the software for the benefit of your educational ministry and parishioners.

ConnectNow My Own Church (MOC) • Parish • Level 1
Eva Heininger, ParishSOFT

This ConnectNow My Own Church (MOC) hands-on training class walks through the program from the point of view of both a parishioner and an administrator. Become familiar with processes that will help you from start (getting your parishioners to sign up and approving suspense activity) to finish (leveraging the information you receive to engage your parishioners in ministry and more). Familiarize yourself with the ConnectNow MOC experience from the parishioner perspective, and be prepared to empower your parishioners to use MOC to track their information and engage in parish life.

ConnectNow IQ for Parish Staff • Parish • Level 2
Rebecca Fortney, ParishSOFT

In this advanced ConnectNow IQ (Intelligent Query) class for parish staff, learn how to use ConnectNow IQ to create more complex queries that can be used across modules including Offering & Pledges, Ministry Scheduler, and Religious Education. Learn how to leverage your data using the IQ module to build advanced queries based on critical reports your parish needs, and maximize your results by exporting them for further use. Those attending this class should already be familiar with IQ and be able to build basic queries.

Learn to Build Efficient, Complex IQ Queries for Diocesan Needs • Diocese • Level 2
Elaine Tank, ParishSOFT

In this ConnectNow IQ (Intelligent Query) class we will go over how to make the most of your reporting ability through ConnectNow IQ. This class will cover how to use the functions in the Results column, how to use multiple conditions and when to use AND versus OR in your criteria, the correct order of fields in your Results column, and more.

ConnectNow Diocesan Suite • Diocese • Level 1
Nancy Lambert, ParishSOFT

This hands-on training class will walk you through the Diocesan Suite and how to navigate between parish and diocesan data. Searching for and adding staff for the diocese or parish, editing your organization details and adding departments to your Organization list. Working with Lookup tables and workgroups for the diocese.