Meet Fr. Peter Wehrle, pastor at Our Lady of Fatima in North Bergen, New Jersey! Fr. Wehrle uses his ParishSOFT products to reach God’s people and “better be Christ to them.”

Fr. Wehrle will present the special Priests Track workshop, Reports Every Priest Needs to Manage His Parish, to share with fellow priests how the census, giving, and statistical data in their software can help them anticipate the needs of families, better manage their parishes, and plan for the future with accurate information.

When your priest attends The ParishSOFT Conference, he’ll learn practical ways to use technology as a means to ministry and as a tool for building an engaged Church. We’ve made it easy with FREE registration for priests (with the paid registration of one parish staff member) and a special Tuesday schedule of Priests Track workshops—so he can get the most from his Conference experience and still say Sunday masses at your parish.