For those of you within driving distance of Conference, this year might be your best opportunities to economically and conveniently attend Conference with your parish staff! We're only the area once every three years, and if you're in one of these dioceses, you're definitely close enough to save your airfare and take a road trip!


What Are the Advantages for Local Dioceses and Parishes?

  • Travel flexibility: Travel at your own pace, and escape from the hassle and anxiety of the airport by driving instead. This year, Conference is close enough to do it!
  • Save on travel expenses: Not only is driving less stressful, but it's also economical. While airfare isn't cheap, carpooling with your parish staff is easy and affordable!
  • Collaborate with other parishes: Use Conference as an opportunity to get in touch with other ParishSOFT users in the area and drive together. While you learn (and drive) together, you'll strengthen your local parish connections.
  • Once every 3 years: We're only in the area once every three years, so come to Conference 2012 because it will be a while before we're back!