It's awesome when priests and parish staff are able to learn alongside each other... and that's why we're carrying on our tradition of offering each parish a free priest registration when coupled with at least one staff registration from the same parish.

What's in it for your priest?

  • Great workshops! We have a few Priest Track classes geared specifically for priests, plus many other classes that will interest him.
  • A new perspective. If you've ever thought, Father just doesn't get it, you'll want to bring him to conference where he can better understand what staff really do and the tools they needs to be successful!
  • Inspiring keynotes. Everyone can learn something from and be inspired by the Catholic speakers who will be presenting this year's keynotes.
  • Time with other priests. It never hurts to spend a little quality time with others--especially other Catholics who face the same questions.

Register soon! And be sure to get your priest on board!