If you haven’t already registered for conference, keep in mind that when you do, you’ll have two payment options. (For those of you who are selecting workshops, Hands-on Training payment works the same way!)

Pay by Credit (or Debit) Card

After you’ve submitted your registration form, you’ll come to the payment page. To pay by credit card, select the button by the Visa and MasterCard icons.


Simply fill out your card information and billing address and include an email address to have the receipt sent to. Once you click the “Submit Payment” button, your payment should process.

Pay by Electronic Check

Another option is to pay by electronic check. To pay by eCheck, select the button by the eCheck icon.


You’ll need your routing number and your account number (both of these can be found on the front of your checks). You'll also select an account type--you can have the payment come out of a checking or savings account.


Lastly, enter an email address to have your receipt sent to and click “Submit Payment.”

Note: If you have trouble with one of our payment forms, you can also submit payment here. For "Invoice Amount", enter the total that you see on the payment summary page of your conference registration, and in the “Additional Information” field, let us know that your payment is for Users’ Conference and be sure to mention the name(s) associated with the registration(s) you’re paying for.

If you have trouble submitting payment or have any questions, please let us know!