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See Baltimore!

While you're in Baltimore for Conference, don't forget to see some of the sights of this historic city! Watch the video below to learn more about Baltimore.

Mass at Baltimore Basilica

We're especially excited about the "evening out" we have planned for Conference 2013! What could be better than combining our evening of fun with our Catholic heritage? We've been invited to celebrate Mass held for us by the Archbishop of Baltimore at the Baltimore Basilica.

As you may know, the Archdiocese of Baltimore is the oldest American diocese, and the Baltimore Basilica, formally christened the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, built from 1806-1821, is the first American Cathedral. What a privilege to be welcomed to worship our Lord in this historic and magnificent place!

We are also looking forward to a tour of the Basilica and a reception at the Archdiocese following Mass. We hope you'll be able to join us for Conference and this special event!

The Conference Trailer

Did you ever wonder what it was like to attend a ParishSOFT Users' Conference? Wonder no more!

Join Us This Fall in Pure Michigan!

It isn't too early to save the date (October 8-10) and make plans to experience the splendor of fall in Michigan. The leaves should be turning!

This commercial, featuring the voice of Tim Allen, highlight's the states crisp weather, vibrant colors, and the pleasure of taking a breath of Pure Michigan's autumn air.

Closing Ceremony Video

This video was shown during the conference's closing ceremony on November 9th.