Wednesday: Deacon Larry Oney

Part 3 of a 3 part series featuring our keynotes

Speaks on October 14, 2015
Keynote: Finding Your Divine Mission

Through inspiration and teaching, Dcn. Larry Oney wants each and every person to know the hope that comes from a relationship with Christ and the purpose Christ brings to a life lived with Him. He is the founder of Hope and Purpose Ministries, whose mission is to participate in the New Evangelization through preaching, teaching, and media initiatives, offering hope and purpose to all individuals through encouragement and knowledge sharing.

Larry Oney is a permanent deacon for the Catholic Archdiocese of New Orleans and Chairman and CEO of HGI Global. In addition to authoring three books, his dynamic preaching style and message of hope have led to speaking engagements internationally, including appearances on EWTN, Focus TV, Franciscan Radio, Ave Maria Radio, and more.

When we spoke with Deacon Larry he had recently returned from a mission to Brazil where millions of people stood through the rain to hear him preach. On fire for the Lord, he is brimming with enthusiasm to share powerful insights on living with expectant faith, joyful hope and divinely-guided purpose. We are delighted to have Dcn. Larry join us!

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