Monday: Deacon Ralph Poyo

Speaks on October 12, 2015
Keynote: The Battle for Conversion

We're excited to announce our line-up of keynote speakers for the Saint Paul and Minneapolis Conference. Over the next few weeks we'll be introducing you to our 2015 keynote speakers. Each of our speakers will draw upon unique experiences and expertise to help us to more fully grasp and live out this year's conference theme - “Embracing Change in an Ever-Changing World.”

Deacon Ralph Poyo

A full time national speaker and evangelist, Dcn. Ralph brings a wealth of experience to this year's users' conference. Born in Columbia and raised in Miami, Florida, Dcn. Ralph currently lives in Steubenville, Ohio, with his daughters and his wife Susan. After nearly 30 years ministry, in 2004 Dcn. Ralph heard the call form the Lord to depart from his parish in Raleigh and establish New Evangelization Ministries (NEM). This parish consulting ministry seeks to serve parishes by helping their leadership with training on Evangelization and Discipleship so that they may more effectively evangelize their own parishioners and lead them to be disciples of Jesus Christ.

His desire is to be a “tool of the moment” for the Holy Spirit and allow God to use him to speak to the hearts and minds of his audience. He tells it like it is and brings the Scriptures down to the lived experience of those listening.

In our conversation with Dcn. Ralph, he spoke passionately about his incredible experiences studying and working with parishes throughout North America. With great earnestness he shared the insights that have come out of his work - helping parishes with training and planning, assisting them to discern the Holy Spirit’s plan for their renewal. We’re thrilled to able to bring him to this year’s conference!

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