Wondering what this year's Users' Conference has to offer? Take a look at our list of more than 80 unique workshops taught by experienced ParishSOFT users and staff members.

Our workshops cover a variety of topics, from accounting, to parish administration, to product training.... Pick the sessions that will interest you the most, and come and learn with us!

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Workshop Track - Engagement (Part 1 of 4)

Social Media - What’s Your Strategy?

presented by Bill Glover

The potential for maximizing your social media presence is becoming increasingly clear. With so many platforms available, how can you be sure your efforts aren’t being minimized by well-intentioned half-starts and scattered efforts? Maximizing your social media presence begins by uniting your efforts around a social media strategy.

Join Archdiocese of Baltimore’s chief information officer, ParishSOFT advisor, and seasoned conference presenter, Bill Glover, as he walks you walk through the process of translating your goals for utilizing social media into a tangible strategy. You’ll learn best practices and practical tips for making the most of key social media platforms.

Hospitality: Welcoming Teams and Mentors for New Parishioners

presented by Lisa Sliker

There are many book chapters and studies associated with how important it is to not only welcome the visitor, but create a home, a place where one belongs and matters.

In this session with long-time ParishSOFT user and favorite conference presenter Lisa Sliker learn how her parish makes hospitality a reality through its ministry, new parishioner program, welcome team, and mentor efforts. Learn how they went beyond the mechanics of welcoming a new parishioner to completing a participant assessment of why one should become a registered member of the parish, making membership personal, and much more.

For those who have registered for Users' Conference 2015, we'll let you know when it's time for you to select your classes. For now, you're welcome to browse the list and get an idea of what you'll be able to take.