The workshop schedule—complete with class descriptions and presenter profiles—is now available!

View the workshop schedule, and, if you’ve already registered for conference, begin selecting your classes!


  • Browse the workshop schedule:
    • You can view the workshops by time slot or by topic. (You’ll see the color coded topics / workshop tracks either in the right sidebar or at the bottom of the webpage.)
    • You can also search for classes by keyword or presenter. (The search field is either in the right sidebar or at the bottom of the webpage.)
    • To read a workshop’s description, click on the workshop title. (Also check to see if it’s geared toward diocesan staff, parish staff, clergy, or all.)
  • Add workshops to your schedule by clicking the circle outlined to the left of the class title. (Once selected, you’ll see a black circle with a white check mark.)
  • Review your schedule by hovering your mouse over your avatar (either your initials or a picture you’ve uploaded) and then clicking “My Sched” in the drop down menu that appears.
  • Pay for any Hands-on Training classes that you've selected. You can pay for them here or click on the button on the class description. (HOT classes are $35 each.)

Additional Tips

  • To remove a workshop from your schedule, click on the check mark to the left of the workshop title (the check mark should disappear, and you’ll be able to select a different workshop for that time slot.)
  • If you’d like to print a copy of your schedule, click the printer icon (located either in the right sidebar or at the bottom of the webpage). The print view will open in a new tab—make sure that the “My Schedule tab” at the top of the webpage is selected before you print.

Happy scheduling!