Workshop Track - Faith Formation & Priest Track

(Part 3 of 4)

Faith Formation

What does it mean to form intentional disciples? How can I make my ConnectNow tools work for me? Take a look at the workshop featured below that we thought might catch your eye.

Discipleship Focused Youth Ministry

Not a program, or a curriculum - DFYM is a different approach to youth ministry that focuses on discipleship, using the approach that Christ taught us. To reach the entire world, He invested in a few (His disciples); those disciples then invested in others (discipleship) and made more disciples.

Participate in this dynamic presentation with Eric Gallagher, Director of Youth Discipleship & Evangelization for the Diocese of Sioux Falls and the founder of Discipleship Focused Youth Ministry. Find out how the process of forming your young people can lead to more engaged parents, fired-up youth leaders, fruitful volunteers, and inspired pastors.

Priest Track

Our Priest track is designed to help priests get comfortable with their parish technology and learn practical applications for ministry, communications, and leadership. Not to mention, priests can attend free with one paid staff registration.

We’re highlighting two of these workshops here, but head on over to the workshop schedule to check out all the options available to you at Users’ Conference 2015!

Casting Our Nets into Digital Waters: Technology for Evangelization in the Digital Age

"And who is my neighbor?"

Pope Francis cited this verse from Luke 10:29 in his message for the 48th World Communications Day (Sunday, June 1, 2014). Pope Francis instructs us in “keeping the doors of our churches open in the digital environment so that people, whatever their situation in life, can enter, and so that the Gospel can go out to reach everyone.”

In this workshop, priests will learn workflows and processes that will accomplish the integration of technology into everyday ministry with Diocese of St. Petersburg’s training coordinator and IT team member, Christine Dandaraw.

Priests and Digital Media: A Reluctant Convert

Fr. John Rutten, pastor of St. Lambert’s Parish, Sioux Falls, will come right out and tell you that the LAST thing he wanted to do was "record" his homilies and be "ON" Facebook and other social media. But he saw the fruit of conversation in that medium. Christ was present, and Fr. John felt compelled to follow.

Join Fr. John for this honest and insightful presentation as shares his continuing journey into this world of social media and how he and his parish are navigating these new waters.

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