Workshop Track - Parish Administration

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In the hands of church staff, technology can be a powerful tool to communicate with and organize parishioners for the ministry of the church.

Interested in learning more about the technological tools right at your fingertips? Curious how other parishes have leveraged the power of ConnectNow for their ministries? Join us for a few of the 10+ unique workshops designed to equip those on the front lines of parish ministry - our parish administrators!

Check out this sampling of workshops available in our Parish Administrator’s track:

Transitioning to ConnectNow Membership: The Who, What, When, Where, and Why

From the top: Deacon Bob Anderson, Trisha Barth, Ron Hurt, Michelle Miller

From the top: Deacon Bob Anderson, Trisha Barth, Ron Hurt, Michelle Miller

Transitioning to ConnectNow from your desktop ParishSOFT modules? Not sure of what to do? We will cover the process of who is doing what, when we do the steps, where things happen, and why we do them.

Take a guided tour through the transition process and have the opportunity to ask questions from not only ParishSOFT’s Trisha Barth, but also Archdiocesan personnel, Deacon Bob Anderson and Ron Hurt, who have experience transitioning hundreds of parishes!

Sacramental Registry: Best Practices Using ConnectNow

Wondering how other parishes manage sacramental records in ConnectNow? Interested in learning more effective processes and workflows to make this sometimes daunting task more manageable?

Join Michelle Miller from Christ the King parish, Des Moines, IA, as she demonstrates effective workflows that she has implemented at her parish. Walk through the process of managing and maintaining sacramental records from proper registry, to producing professional quality sacramental certificates, and more.

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