This year, we will hold our 9th annual ParishSOFT Users’ Conference. And before we hit double-digits, we’re christening the conference with the name Nexus!

nexus (noun)
: a relationship or connection between people or things
: the central and most important point or place

Nexus | Where the Church and Tech Converge

A nexus is a connection, or a link, and a convergence implies a meeting point that’s not static. It’s a union of two things with a common interest or focus. There’s energy in a convergence. Where the Church and tech converge—that’s a powerful place! The Church, with the power of the Holy Spirit, working through the best and most powerful tools humankind has to offer, can truly achieve great things.

At Nexus, you will experience more than just a showcase of products and training events. Our goal is for parish and diocesan staff—from bookkeepers, to administrative assistants, to priests, to diocesan CFOs—to engage with tool, resources, and each other in ways that will energize their work, their ministry, and the Church.

Join us at Nexus 2016!
October 9-12 | Atlanta, Georgia

Registration starts at $459 and is open TODAY!