"Living in the world today involves technology; reaching out to people where they are at… being fluent in technology is really important for ministry.”

 – Father David Webb, Nexus 2017 attendee

Nexus 2017 Marks 10 Years of Empowering Churches and Changing Lives
Empowering Churches. Changing lives. A bold mission for a software conference. When Jesus ascended he left three gifts: the Holy Spirit, the Eucharist, his disciples. All three were present at conference. As disciples, when we put our tools, talents, and treasures – including technology – at the service of his mission, are we still surprised when lives are changed and church is built?

Empowering Churches.
Foundational to ParishSOFT, and consequently our Nexus users’ conference, is the church – you. As workshop presenter Lisa Sliker reminded us, “Church is not only the pastor and the people, it is the people for and with the people.” We are the disciples; we are the church. Place tools in the hands of disciples on fire for the mission of making the Gospel known, and creativity and innovation are boundless. But first, tools must be learned and explored, and strength drawn from lived experience and fellowship with each other.

At Nexus, it is the learning in service of ministry, data in service of mission, and people coming alongside each other on the journey that empowers individuals for mission and emboldens change so that we can be effective missionary disciples, for and with each other.

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