2016 Workshop List

The list below is a summary of workshops offered at our 2016 conference. Each year, we evaluate classes taught in the past, acess attendee feedback, and brainstorm new topics to create a workshop schedule that blends old favorites with new, relevant classes. So, each year you'll see some repetiton and some new material represented on our workshop list!


  • Becoming More Proficient with ConnectNow Accounting | Joe Slomiany, ParishSOFT
  • Shared Accounting Services: Sharing Our Time, Talents and Treasure to Improve the Financial Health of Parishes | Jack Husack, Archdiocese of Atlanta & Patrick Warner, Archdiocese of Atlanta
  • How to Prepare for an Accounting Review or Audit | Tiffany Martin, Diocese of Salt Lake City
  • Understanding Permissions in ConnectNow Accounting | Joe Slomiany, ParishSOFT
  • Ledger Report Writer Overview: Getting the Custom Statements Your Parish or School Needs | Chris Mann, ParishSOFT
  • Tracking Your Assets in Fixed Asset Management | Chris Mann, ParishSOFT
  • How to Balance Your Bank Reconciliation | Tiffany Martin, Diocese of Salt Lake City
  • Best Practices in Building Budgets | Denise Hanson & Joe Slomiany, ParishSOFT
  • ConnectNow Accounting: Diocesan Administrator Tricks of the Trade | David Morland, ParishSOFT
  • ConnectNow Accounting: What's New, What's Coming | Karen Kasenow-Johnson, ParishSOFT & Chris Mann, ParishSOFT
  • Diocesan Administrators Collaborative Session for Accounting | Joe Slomiany, ParishSOFT & Karen Kasenow-Johnson, ParishSOFT
  • The Accounts Receivable Module: Is It Right for Your Organization? | Joe Slomiany, ParishSOFT
  • Banking Controls with Positive Pay and Bill Pay | Chris Mann, ParishSOFT
  • All about Credit Cards in ConnectNow Accounting | David Morland, ParishSOFT
  • Projects: Organize and Group for Effective Reporting | Denise Hanson, Diocese of Sioux Falls
  • ConnectNow Accounting: Reporting on the Facts | David Morland, ParishSOFT
  • Increase Efficiencies by Importing with ConnectNow Accounting | Chris Mann, ParishSOFT
  • The Coming Earthquake in Accounting Rules! | James Jordan

Diocesan Focused

  • Diocesan Development Manager: Process Optimization, Reporting, Best Practices | Elaine Tank, ParishSOFT
  • Ask an Executive: Open Forum for Diocesan Staff | Curtis Harris, Ministry Brands & Tim Sember, ParishSOFT
  • ConnectNow Duplicate Checker for Dioceses | Trisha Barth, ParishSOFT
  • Parish Mergers for Dioceses | Elaine Tank, ParishSOFT
  • ConnectNow Family Suite: Diocesan Administrators Collaborative Session (2-Session Workshop) | Trisha Barth, ParishSOFT


  • Taking Forms to the Next Level: How to Build Great Online Forms for Your Parish | Rebekah Young, ParishSOFT
  • Parish Stewardship: Contribution Statements Aren't Just for End-of-Year | Elaine Tank, ParishSOFT
  • Communicate Smart: Rethinking Church Communications with Smart Technology | Rebekah Young, ParishSOFT
  • Hospitality: Welcoming Teams and Mentors for New Parishioners | Lisa Sliker, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Archdiocese of Baltimore
  • Parish Administration: Moving a Parish from Chaos to Calm | Lisa Sliker, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Archdiocese of Baltimore
  • Leading from within | Tim Sember, ParishSOFT
  • Digital Signage on a Shoestring Budget for Your Parish or School | Dawn Wolf, Diocese of Sioux Falls
  • Making Great Choices: Lessons from Our Spiritual Tradition | Chris Lowney
  • Catholic Evangelization: What It Is and What It Is Not! | Deacon Alex Jones
  • Establishing Successful Parish User Group Meetings | Roni Argetsinger, Diocese of Des Moines
  • Ask an Executive: Open Forum for Parishes | Tim Sember, ParishSOFT & Mike Cusick, ParishSOFT

Hands-on Training

  • ConnectNow Offering: Contributions - Beyond the Basics | Deb Collins, ParishSOFT
  • ConnectNow Family Suite: Communication Tools for Ministry | Eva Heininger, ParishSOFT
  • ConnectNow Administrative Settings: Behind the Scenes | Deb Collins, ParishSOFT
  • ConnectNow Religious Education: Before the School Year | Deb Collins, ParishSOFT
  • ConnectNow My Own Church (MOC) | Eva Heininger, ParishSOFT
  • ConnectNow IQ for Parish Staff | Stephanie Reed, ParishSOFT
  • Learn to Build Efficient, Complex IQ Queries for Diocesan Needs | Stephanie Reed, ParishSOFT
  • ConnectNow Diocesan Suite | Nancy Lambert, ParishSOFT

Parish Best Practices

  • Get the Help You Need: ParishSOFT Support Resources | John Collman, ParishSOFT
  • ConnectNow Offering: The Process from Basket to Bank | Jeff Bachelor, ParishSOFT
  • ConnectNow Offering End-of-Year Reports: Maximizing Processes and Best Practices | Christine Dandaraw, Diocese of St. Petersburg
  • Leveraging ConnectNow Family Suite for Church Growth | Jeff Bachelor, ParishSOFT
  • The Truth behind Increased Giving Campaigns: Why They Work and Why They Don’t | Jeff Bachelor, ParishSOFT
  • Managing Online Registration for Religious Education: A Case Study | Carla Haiar, Diocese of Sioux Falls
  • Workflow Best Practices and Processes for ConnectNow Family Directory | Matt Dent, ParishSOFT
  • eGiving: A Transformative Approach | Bill Glover, Archdiocese of Baltimore
  • Workflow Processes for Religious Education: Best Practices | Ted Zettel, ParishSOFT
  • Workflow Processes for Tuition: Integrating New Features into Best Practices | Rick Duncan, ParishSOFT
  • Are You a Target for Fraud? | James Jordan
  • Transitioning to ConnectNow Census: The Who, What, When, Where, and Why | Ron Hurt, Archdiocese of Baltimore

Parish Software Applications

  • ConnectNow Family Suite: Permissions | Nancy Lambert, ParishSOFT
  • ConnectNow Family Suite: What's New, What's Coming | Ted Zettel, ParishSOFT & Andrew Haystead, ParishSOFT
  • ConnectNow Ministry Scheduler: Managing Ministries | Eva Heininger, ParishSOFT
  • ConnectNow’s Next Generation of Online Giving Overview and Integration | Chad Schaufelberger, ParishSOFT
  • ConnectNow IQ for Beginners | Matt Dent, ParishSOFT
  • ConnectNow Offering: E-statements | Ted Zettel, ParishSOFT
  • Sacramental Registry: Best Practices Using ConnectNow | TBD
  • Communicating with Parishioners and Staff Effectively: Best Practices and Tools for Parishes and Dioceses in ConnectNow | Timothy McCarrell, High Grounds


  • Financial Statements for Clergy: How to Read Them and Who Should Get Them | Jen Cantrell, Archdiocese of Santa Fe
  • The Business of the Church and the Church as a Business | Jen Cantrell, Archdiocese of Santa Fe
  • Becoming a Mission Focused Parish | Father Erik Arnold, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Archdiocese of Baltimore
  • Tax Related Issues and Churches | James Jordan, CPA


  • Taking Your Email and Collaboration Suite to the Cloud: A Comparison of Office 365 and Google Apps | Dawn Wolf, Diocese of Sioux Falls
  • Ten Browser Add-Ons Guaranteed to Make Your Life Easier | Dawn Wolf, Diocese of Sioux Falls
  • Quality Initiatives at ParishSOFT | Kent Fitzgerald, ParishSOFT
  • Parish Collaboration and Data Governance | Marco DeCapite, Archdiocese of Detroit
  • Information Technology (IT) Audits of Parishes | Roni Argetsinger, Diocese of Des Moines
  • Church Intelligence | Bill Glover, Archdiocese of Baltimore
  • Cyber Security and Our Church | Bill Glover, Archdiocese of Baltimore