Parish Software Applications

ConnectNow Family Suite: Tips & Tricks for Beginners
Parish | Level 1
Troy Hayes and Paul Knickelbein, ParishSOFT

Are you a new user to ConnectNow Family Suite? Have you been using the ConnectNow Family Suite for less than a year? Then this class is for you! The purpose of this workshop is to offer new users tips and tricks to familiarize themselves with our software and increase their daily productivity. The focus of this class will be primarily on the family directory and offering modules, but will also provide time for questions and answers.


ConnectNow Family Suite: Intermediate Level Tips & Tricks
Parish | Level 2
Troy Hayes and Paul Knickelbein, ParishSOFT

Are you familiar with the ConnectNow Family Suite, but still have questions about how some of it operates? Have you explored the more advanced features of the Family Suite? In this class you will learn more in-depth features of ConnectNow Family Suite, join question and answer discussion, and have the opportunity to ask specific questions on the topics you would like to learn about. Come prepared with questions!


Getting the Data You Need From ConnectNow Family Suite
Parish | Level 1
Brian Smith, Christ the King, Diocese of Toledo

Explore the various ways you can use the power of ConnectNow to get the data you need for your pastor, co-workers, volunteers, and parish groups. Learn how export functions, quick reports, IQ, and workgroups can empower you to enhance your ministry. Discover how tools from ParishSOFT can help you reach and address your members, and get the right information to the right people.


Using Free Tools from the Post Office to Reduce Mailing Costs
Parish | Level 0
Brian Smith, Christ the King, Diocese of Toledo

Learn how using the tools found in the Business Customer Gateway from the United States Postal Service can simplify processes and help you achieve the best pricing on large mailings. By exporting data from ConnectNow, you can use the free Intelligent Mail for Small Business (IMsb) tool to reduce costs. Send full service mailings to receive additional per piece discount on automation mailings; eliminate annual permit fees; use the same permit at any location; and ensure accurate delivery. These easy-to-use tools are free for mailings of less than 10,000 pieces. 


Managing Staff Permissions in ConnectNow Family Suite
Parish | Level 2
Bob Dickinson, ParishSOFT

Wondering how to securely manage staff permissions in ConnectNow Family Suite? Discover how to adjust permissions and levels of access based on staff roles and needs. Learn best practices that you can incorporate at your parish to ensure you are keeping your parishioners' data secure.


ConnectNow Family Suite: What's New, What's Coming
Parish / Diocese | Level 1
Andrew Haystead, ParishSOFT

In this workshop we will take a look at what's new in the ConnectNow Family Suite since the last users' conference.  We will review high-value features that may be new to you, and discuss ParishSOFT's strategy and priorities for planning and new development.


Pledge Processing for a Campaign
Parish | Level 2
Carla Haiar, Diocese of Sioux Falls

This workshop will give you step-by-step instructions to creating pledge records, posting to pledges, and managing a campaign in your parish. Empower your ministry with efficient processes in ConnectNow Offering & Pledges!


ConnectNow’s Next Generation of Online Giving: Overview & Integration
Parish | Level 1
Chad Schaufelberger and Craig Ringbloom, ParishSOFT

ConnectNow Giving is our next generation of online giving software. See it in real time as it integrates with the rest of your ConnectNow Family Suite. Learn about how much more parishioners are willing to give when it is made easy for them to do so. With features like text to give, kiosk giving, online event registration and payments, and our online store, your parish has the ability to truly engage your parishioners and encourage them to give their time, talents, and treasure; enabling their desire to serve and become true stewards.


ConnectNow Intelligent Query (IQ): Better Data for Ministries & Stewardship
Parish | Level 1
Matt Dent, ParishSOFT

ConnectNow Intelligent Query (IQ) is the custom query report builder designed to help parishes pull the data they need from the ConnectNow Family Suite.  Whether you need a simple report or a more complex query involving multiple data fields, operations, or conditions, IQ makes it possible to get the information you need to empower the work of the church and enhance decision making. This session is designed for organizations that are considering adding the Intelligent Query module or have just purchased it. 


ConnectNow Offering & Pledges' E-Statements: Saving Money with Your ConnectNow Tools
Parish | Level 1
Ted Zettel, ParishSOFT

Do you want to learn how to use current technology to help save time and money?  Did you know that you can provide annual contribution statements to your financial supporters in a paperless format with the ConnectNow tools you have today?  In this class you will learn how ConnectNow Offering & Pledges e-statements can provide cost effective, timely, and accurate giving statements to the givers who support your parish's financial needs. We will walk through the e-statement process from creating electronic giving statements and communicating with your givers to retrieval of e-statements from the My Own Church member portal. We will discuss how to prepare early for a smoother, more efficient, end-of-year for both your staff and those who gave financially to your parish this year.


Online Event Registration & Payments: It’s Possible with ConnectNow!
Parish | Level 2
Chad Schaufelberger, ParishSOFT

Learn how to better utilize ConnectNow Giving forms to allow your parishioners to register and pay for events online. Here you will see how to custom build online forms that allow parishioners to submit payments. These forms can be used to take an online census, allow parishioners to register and pay for religious education, and give your parishioners the opportunity to register and pay for events, such as summer camps, online — all while giving you access to the information needed in an easy to use format.


Sacramental Reporting:  You Were Baptized Where?  
Parish | Level 1
Msgr. George Michalek, Vice Chancellor and Archivist, Diocese of Lansing

 Gain from the experience of Msgr. George Michalek, Vice Chancellor and Archivist from the Diocese of Lansing on how sacramental records of Baptisms, Marriages, Confirmations, and Deaths should be created and maintained. 


Introducing: ParishCast – Powerful Group Communication Tools & Best Practices
Parish / Diocese | Level 0
Keith Smith, High Ground Solutions, Inc.

Learn how to use ParishSOFT’s new ParishCast Communication Platform to rapidly alert and notify members of your church, religious education department, parochial school, parish, or diocese.  Quickly and easily communicate via: voice calls; text messages; email; push notifications to smart phones; social networks and more – all within moments!  Best practices for engaging your church, parish, and diocese community in both emergency and non-emergency situations will also be presented.