Parish Best Practices

Get the Help You Need: ParishSOFT Support Resources • Parish / Diocese • Level 0
John Collman, ParishSOFT

In this class, take a dive into all the support resources available to you. We will cover how to access the content that is relevant to your situation, product or need, as well as outline what to expect from support when you contact us. We have training classes, task-specific videos, phone and email support, and user guides, all to help you be as successful as possible!

ConnectNow Offering: The Process from Basket to Bank • Parish • Level 1
Jeff Bachelor, ParishSOFT

Many churches have varying processes in place regarding the handling of contributions. What is the right process? What risks are associated with the process currently in place? This open discussion will focus on the many varying steps involved with accepting contributions and the necessary controls to ensure financial security and the avoidance of risk throughout the entire process. We'll identify points of inefficiency and potential risk and discuss techniques to ensure security.

ConnectNow Offering End-of-Year Reports: Maximizing Processes and Best Practices • Parish • Level 1
Christine Dandaraw, Diocese of St. Petersburg

End-of-year reporting involves more than executing an end-of-year tax statement. Reviewing your database for missing information and auditing fund accounts and Excel exports make end of year clean up a breeze. This workshop will show you how to complete the end-of-year checklist and generate your end-of-year statements with confidence.

Leveraging ConnectNow Family Suite for Church Growth • Parish • Level 1
Jeff Bachelor, ParishSOFT

ConnectNow Family Suite contains a wealth of information and data. Although there are many options available to gather, filter, sort, and report the data, which pieces of data are most useful for building the church? This workshop will explore data mining options geared towards reaching new and 'fringe' participants and how to successfully integrate them into the daily life of the church.

The Truth behind Increased Giving Campaigns: Why They Work and Why They Don’t • Parish • Level 1
Jeff Bachelor, ParishSOFT

Although resources vary from church to church, the need for financial viability remains constant. Whether funding short term projects such as a building campaign or desiring parishioners to amplify existing gifts, this workshop will focus on various tactics used to generate increased giving initiatives and discuss some of the common obstacles and pitfalls associated with them.

Managing Online Registration for Religious Education: A Case Study• Parish • Level 1
Carla Haiar, Diocese of Sioux Falls

Learn how to set up the online registration for your Religious Education classes: set up users, classes, and registration portals for families in your parish.

Workflow Best Practices and Processes for ConnectNow Family Directory • Parish • Level 1
Matt Dent, ParishSOFT

This workshop will focus on creating better, more efficient workflows for basic tasks in ConnectNow Family Directory. Learn about creating communication lists, setting up workgroups, utilizing the My Own Church parishioner portal, and more.

eGiving: A Transformative Approach • Parish / Diocese • Level 1
Bill Glover, Archdiocese of Baltimore

eGiving for faith organizations is a transformative approach for further engagement and commitment of congregations. How are we addressing the diversity of our congregations from the "silent generation" to millennials? What are their needs? How do we offer engagement solutions that bring about a deeper commitment from those we serve?

Workflow Processes for Religious Education: Best Practices • Parish • Level 1
Ted Zettel, ParishSOFT

Learn best practices in ConnectNow Religious Education that will leverage the power of the software for the benefit of your education ministry and parishioners. In this class, we will walk through a week in the life of a parishioner and parish staff getting ready for a new school year in ConnectNow Religious Education. You will see the steps that will help you maximize your day-to-day workflow. We will walk through the My Own Church experience from the view point of your parishioners to understand how it works with the Religious Education program for online registration.

Workflow Processes for Tuition: Integrating New Features into Best Practices • Parish • Level 1
Rebecca Fortney, ParishSOFT

Learn how to integrate the new ConnectNow Tuition features and enhancements into best practices for your Religious Education program. To help support the new school year, this class will walk you through several improvements that will help staff workflows and improve parishioner experience

Are You a Target for Fraud? • Parish / Diocese • Level 0
James Jordan, CPA, CFE, CGMA

Using actual examples, this presentation discusses questions about fraud in the church: Who commits fraud? What are the motivations for fraud? In what ways are frauds committed in churches? What are the ripe conditions for fraud? What are the critical elements of internal controls? What are the critical elements of oversight? How do I prevent fraud? If you've asked these questions, then this workshop is for you.

Transitioning to ConnectNow Census: The Who, What, When, Where, and Why • Level 0
Ron Hurt, Archdiocese of Baltimore

Transitioning to ConnectNow from your desktop ParishSOFT modules? Not sure of what to do? Ron Hurt from the Archdiocese of Baltimore will cover the process of who is doing what, when to do the steps, where things happen, and why you should do them. Learn some suggestions for moving from your desktop ParishSOFT modules to ConnectNow Family Suite easily and smoothly, without pain or confusion. Ron will also share some best practices.