Financial Statements for Clergy: How to Read Them and Who Should Get Them • Clergy • Level 1
Jennifer Cantrell, CPA, CGMA, Archdiocese of Santa Fe

Have you ever been handed your parish financial reports and they look like they are in Latin? How you do interpret them? What do they mean? How can they help you to analyze the financial health of your parish? How do you decide who gets which ones and make sure they contain the right information? How do you understand what you are providing? In this class we will detail the content of common financial statements and show you how to analyze the reports for better financial administration of your parish. We will discuss the different level of detail you might want to consider for the many different groups you have and show you the importance of understanding them.

The Business of the Church and the Church as a Business • Clergy • Level 0
Jennifer Cantrell, CPA, CGMA, Archdiocese of Santa Fe

Every business has tax and filing responsibilities, so does the Church. As pastors, you are ultimately responsible for compliance with state and federal payroll tax laws. Join this discussion to determine the correct policies for your organization. Are they employees or independent contractors? Am I required to pay overtime to my employees under the new rules? Those questions and others will be addressed. We will also learn the proper procedures for acknowledging gifts of both cash and non-cash donations to the Church. Attend and make sure you are compliant with the latest rules and regulations in this complex area.

Becoming a Mission Focused Parish • Clergy • Level 0
Father Erik Arnold, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Archdiocese of Baltimore

There are lots of books about moving a parish from maintenance to mission and why a parish can not flourish until this happens. In this talk, learn how one parish is striving to become mission focused and their plan to communicate that vision to their people and effectively pull them in to the mission.

Tax Related Issues and Churches • Clergy • Level 1
James Jordan, CPA, CFE, CGMA

This workshop will address tax questions: Who is an employee? Who gets a 1099 vs. W-2? What are activities that could cause a church to owe income tax? If we have a thrift shop, do we need to collect sales tax? Does the church owe income tax (Maybe)? When does the IRS audit churches? These questions and many more questions will answered in this session.