Taking Your Email and Collaboration Suite to the Cloud: A Comparison of Office 365 and Google Apps • Parish / Diocese • Level 1
Dawn Wolf, Diocese of Sioux Falls

Are you considering moving your email and collaboration suite from an onsite email server or maybe even moving away from a provider that is hosting email for you? Office365 and Google Apps are both FREE for non profit organizations, require no hardware to purchase and are fairly easy to setup for even the smallest organization.

Ten Browser Add-Ons Guaranteed to Make Your Life Easier • Parish / Diocese • Level 0
Dawn Wolf, Diocese of Sioux Falls

We are all working in our browsers (i.e. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari) A LOT more these days. This workshop will discuss the add-ons and extensions that can expand the functions of your browser, no matter which browser you use. These great add-ons and extensions will help save you time and money and even protect you from viruses and malware whether you are at work or at home.

Parish Collaboration and Data Governance • Diocese • Level 2
Marco DeCapite, Archdiocese of Detroit

The focus of this workshop is the importance of data alignment across parishes and how we are using tools like Yammer to build user communities, discuss best practices, and collaborate with each other and the Diocese.

Information Technology (IT) Audits of Parishes • Parish / Diocese • Level 2
Roni Argetsinger, Diocese of Des Moines

Roni Argetsinger, technology manager at the Diocese of Des Moines, will present on external technology audits being performed at every parish within her diocese. As part of a concentrated effort to audit the finances of every parish within the diocese, technology process reviews at those parishes have also been included. Roni will share with you the details of the technology processes audited, the results she is finding and explain how the parishes in Des Moines are addressing the technology improvements needed. You will take away best practices that have been put into place within the parishes of the Diocese of Des Moines to address the basic levels of technology security.

Church Intelligence • Parish / Diocese • Level 1
Bill Glover, Archdiocese of Baltimore

This is not an oxymoron, but is what faith organizations need to make intelligent and informed decisions for the future. This presentation will focus on the importance of data systems as a foundation and the information from business intelligence solutions needed to make tactical and strategic decisions for the future of our organizations.

Cyber Security and Our Church • Parish / Diocese • Level 1
Bill Glover, Archdiocese of Baltimore

The Church is not a sanctuary when it comes to protecting from cyber security threats. Are you aware of the risks associated with phishing, malware, ransomware an email spoofing? Learn how a diocese coped with a zero day ransomware attack, how human error left them vulnerable and what efforts (do you know how to buy Bitcoin?) it took to restore valuable data. This is an engaging and interesting case study that will be of interest to dioceses and parishes alike.