Security Awareness Training, Why EVERYONE Should Have It
Parish / Diocese | Level 0
Dawn Wolf, Diocese of Sioux Falls

We hear about data breaches and money being stolen almost daily. Being on the web can be a dangerous place for those who are not trained. No matter how small your organization is, you should have some type of regular security awareness training for your staff and volunteers. Hear about free and low cost training resources that you can provide with little or no budget. Learn what you can and should be doing to protect the resources of your organization, and how to motivate staff to become the best digital security guards you never knew you needed.


Making Parish Data Valuable to Parishes
Parish | Level 2
Ron Hurt, Archdiocese of Baltimore

Parishes spend a significant amount of time capturing data. Unfortunately, it is not always accurate. The Archdiocese of Baltimore is working with parishes to provide them with useful information, but the process begins with accurate and consistent data entry.  Data entry standards and enforcement are vital to obtaining useful information. Ron will discuss challenges and potential solutions to enforcing data entry standards, as well as ways the archdiocese is providing valuable data to parishes.


Mission-Driven Data & Parish Collaboration
Diocese | Level 2
Marco DeCapite, Archdiocese of Detroit

How can data truly empower our mission? This workshop looks at the importance of data alignment across parishes, and why data governance is essential to serving the larger mission of the Church. This workshop also touches on using tools like Yammer to establish user communities, best practices, and build a culture of collaboration and trust.


BE NOT AFRAID of Building a Website
Parish / Diocese | Level 1
Dawn Wolf, Diocese of Sioux Falls

Every parish should have a website and it shouldn't cost undreds of dollars. This presentation will discuss how to get started if your organization doesn't currently have a website OR if it's time to redesign and freshen up the old site you currently have. We'll look at ow changing human digital behavior and expectations are driving new website designs. We'll explore free and low cost options to create and host websites. We will demystify DNS settings and explain why they can make or break your website.


G Suite for NonProfits: The Chuck Norris Effect
Parish / Diocese | Level 1
Dawn Wolf, Diocese of Sioux Falls

Chuck Norris is legendary and, according to his fans, there is nothing he can’t do.  Google Apps fans feel the same way about G Suite for NonProfits. This session will explore the suite of applications and collaboration tools that you can use — ALL FOR FREE — and give you practical ways you can use it to advance your ministry and organization. We’ll explore using Google Forms to gather information, sharing Google Calendars to keep everyone informed, adding specialized applications, extensions and add-ons to your tools, and even creating a FREE website for your ministry and MUCH MUCH MORE. There will be plenty of Chuck Norris jokes too!


Data Analysis Using Microsoft Excel for Beginners
Parish / Diocese | Level 1
Evan Linick, Diocese of San Jose

You have the spreadsheet, the data is in there, but it’s not telling you what you need to know. Excel is an extremely powerful tool; just a few simple tips and tricks can help make sense of a big pile of data. This session is for the novice Excel user to help you move up to the next level. We will talk about editing, sorting, filtering, tools, and some simple functions to help make that data far more usable.