Testimonials from Past Users' Conferences

Don't take our word for it.... Users' Conference really is a great experience, and that's why many of our users come year after year!

Conference 2016 - Atlanta, GA

I enjoyed the discussions that enable us to learn, teach, and understand that we are all one Church and have one common mission.... I enjoyed the relaxation in the evenings. If you are a ParishSOFT user and have not attended this event, you are missing out on the knowledge of the software, ParishSOFT staff, and other users.

Pauline Starling, Parish Accountant | Diocese of Peoria

The staff at ParishSOFT were great!

Susan Baker, Youth Minister | St. Philip Benizi, Jonesboro, GA

[I] Liked learning how to use the software better.

Allison Winer, Office Manager | St. Patrick's Parish, Rutland, MA

Conference 2015 - St. Paul-Minneapolis, MN

When my pastor assigned me to go to this conference, I was dreading it, thinking, "You want me to go to a software conference? Boring!" My expectations were blissfully shredded. Nearly every workshop I found to be relevant to my ministry. Good job!

You never forgot your focus on the faith and the primacy of Christ. This aspect touched my heart. You won my respect from the very start. Thank you for your service to our ministries.

Anna Therneau, Administrative Pastoral Associate | Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Winona, MN

Loved having the opportunity to spend time with peers working in the same capacity as me.... Having the staff around was great. They were eager and willing to answer questions and solve my issues with our programs.

Deborah Tamburro, Office Administrator | St. John's Clonmel, Viola, KS

I was shocked by how much I enjoyed the workshops. You offer so much info outside of ParishSOFT products.

Cassi Fitzgerald, Facilitator of Faith Formation | St. John's Clonmel, Viola, KS

The ParishSOFT staff is always welcoming, kind and inviting. If they don't know the answer to the questions they will find the answer. I appreciate that dedication.

Jannet Davis, Executive Assistant to the Chancellor | Diocese of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, CT

It felt like a retreat. I LOVED it. Not a boring software conference.

Mary Szotko, Bookkeeper | Parish of the Holy Spirit, Grand Rapids, MI

Conference 2014 - Salt Lake City, UT

The ParishSoft Users’ Conference is much more than software - it’s a retreat, networking, and growing as a disciple of Christ.

Brian Smith, Facilities Manager | Christ the King, Toledo, OH

The hotel and food were great. The sessions and networking were invaluable. I would greatly recommend attending a ParishSoft Conference - very informative and beneficial.

Jamie Anderson | Christ Our Light Catholic Parish, Princeton & Zimmerman, MN

I found that I learned something from every presentation I attended. The prepared presentations were well done and the subsequent participant questions/discussions were of great value to me. Additionally, the networking aspect of the conference cannot be underestimated.

Judy Nicastro | Diocese of Trenton, Trenton, IL

There's a lot that I took away from the conference - a number of practical, "next step" type of actions, some good ideas and discussion points, and a lot of enthusiasm. You all did a very good job communicating how your company can serve the Catholic Church of the 21st century, and I've been telling my friends....I know I'll be bringing staff members.

Fr. Thomas Szydlik | Hancock County Catholic Churches, IL

Conference 2013 - Baltimore, MD

The spiritual aspect of the conference was so unexpected and so uplifting. Thank you. I came to learn about software and left with a renewed zeal for my faith.

Cheryl Ellsworth, Pastoral Associate | Church of St. David the King, Princeton Junction, NJ

The variety of sessions for all aspects of parish life — not just database management and accounting. I found a few sessions spiritually uplifting.

Mary Reichter, Bookkeeper | Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart, Ankeny, IA

I always leave the conference energized, ready to share information at the parish and pleased with the direction of ParishSOFT.

Brian Smith, Facilities Manager | Christ the King Parish, Toledo, OH

Conference 2012 - Dearborn, MI

Quotes from 2012 Users' Conference Attendees

There aren't many conferences like this one that are offered for people at the parish level. This conference enables parish-level people to come together and make use of different resources that can help their work at the parishes.

This year, about 20 of us came to Users' Conference to learn more and to network with others here. That's what is so great about this conference: the opportunities you get to network and share ideas with other people.

One of our goals is to try to bring the next generation back into the faith where they belong. These tools can help us reconnect and make more poeple feel welcome.

I have really enjoyed the diocesan tracks. It has been very helpful to talk to others in a diocesan role to find out what they are doing and how they are doing things.

Conference 2011 - Anaheim, CA

This was my third conference and they just keep getting better. My brain is on overload with great information!

Denise Sinatra, Albuquerque, NM

I found the priests’ [track], website construction, and Parish IQ to be very practical and useful. I’m enthusiastic to return to the parish with this information.

Fr. Michael Beers | St. Anthony of Padua, Easton, PA

The speakers and staff add a lot to how you use the products to do your job. They uncover many points or processes you may not have found yet and help you to streamline processes.

Anne Good | Worcester, CA

As a former computer instructor, I know the best way to retain computer skills is by doing. The hands on training classes were a great addition to the conference and the most useful.

Kathleen Gomes | Monterey, CA