Embracing Change in an Ever-Changing World

Do you ever feel like the ground is shifting right under your feet? So many changes come at us daily, and the cumulative result can be overwhelming. What you’re certain you understand one day you may not be so sure about the next. Cultural norms are not so normal anymore. Technology is charging forward faster than ever, challenging us to adapt or threatening to leave us in the dust. To all of this we can have one of two responses. We can shrink back in fear of this change onslaught or keep walking forward confidently, trusting that God will help us make sense of the seeming tumult and bring us to a better place because of it.

God still has a grand plan for His Church. You are a part of that plan! And through the keynotes and workshops at this year’s users’ conference, we hope you will be encouraged to face coming changes with enthusiasm and hope, feeling more equipped than ever to participate in his mission of redemption.

Keynote Messages:

The Battle for Conversion - Deacon Ralph Poyo

Many parishes are in a literal battle for their existence. Once this current senior generation dies, our parishes will no longer have numbers they once had who remained faithful in Mass attendance. If something isn't done, we will see a great increase of parish closings. Most parishes have recognized the need for change, despite their efforts to avoid it. While the Church Bishops are calling for the New Evangelization and the conversion of hearts, the parish must undergo their own conversion if they desire to be effective in the twenty-first century. This presentation will bring light to the need for this conversion and the battle to achieve it.

God’s Bucket List: Heaven’s Surefire Way to Happiness in this Life and beyond. - Teresa Tomeo

These days everyone has a bucket list; that special list of goals and dreams we would like to fulfill before our pilgrim journey on earth is through. But is your bucket list designed by me, myself, and I; or Father, Son, and Holy Spirit? In a presentation based on her best-selling book, “God’s Bucket List,” Teresa Tomeo inspires audiences to make sure they’re seeking God’s very special bucket list for their lives ,as it is only by finding and fulfilling God’s plan that one finds true happiness and peace.

Finding Your Divine Mission - Deacon Larry Oney

Deacon Oney will pose and explore several questions regarding the Divine Mission to which every Christian is called. He will raise three questions: Are you in your Divine Mission? Are you in your Divine Assignment, consistent with the gifts and talent that God has given you? Have you made any space in your life for unscheduled Divine Appointments? Hope and purpose are essential ingredients for living satisfying lives, achieving dreams, and embracing love — of self, one’s community, and God. Deacon Oney will teach on the importance of discovering your Divine Purpose from God and moving into all that God has in store for you! Scriptural examples will be used to discuss key principles to finding and walking in your Your Divine Mission.